Stile Italiano fra arte e design

The exhibition Italian Style across Art and Design consists of over 400 artworks (paintings, sculptures, posters, sketches, design objects, books, photography) by approximately 100 artists. It illustrates the evolution of the Italian style, from the dawn of modernity to the economic boom (1950s).
The visual path of the exhibition reconstructs the origins and diffusion of “Made in Italy” through the intertwining of art, fashion, architecture, publishing and design. It illustrates the aesthetic evolution of the main artists, designers, graphic designers and architects of the twentieth century.
The exhibition includes paintings by Luigi Russolo, photographs by Umberto Boccioni, posters by Marcello Dudovich, tapestry by Fortunato Depero, architectural drawings by Sant’Elia, photographs by Carlo Mollino and Gianni Berengo Gardin, ceramics by Gio Ponti, sketches by Lorenzo Castellaro for Cisitalia, advertising campaigns by Armando Testa and books by Bruno Munari.

The exhibition is divided into four sections - The Birth of Modernity, Futurist Avant-Garde, The EUR Utopia, From Reconstruction to the Economic Boom -. It narrates the history of the main Italian companies through their media campaigns and the objects they produced that has become icons of “Made in Italy”.



2013 Reggia di Colorno, Parma
Lo stile Italiano Arte e società 1900 1940
2011 Forum Grimaldi, Principato di Monaco
Lo Stile Italiano Arte e design