about us

The Fondazione established in February 2015 by Massimo and Sonia Cirulli is built upon three decades of work and experience accumulated by the Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Archive. The Fondazione’s goal is to promote, at a national and international level, the knowledge of twentieth-century Italian art and visual culture, from the early years of the country’s engagement with modernity to the postwar economic boom.
The Fondazione will launch a variety of cultural projects complimenting the multifaceted character of its holdings, which survey several disparate fields—such as decorative arts, architectural design, industrial design, graphic design, and photography. These materials will tell the story of modern Italian culture through their unusual perspectives.

advisory committee

Pierpaolo Antonello is Reader in Modern Italian Literature and Culture at the University of Cambridge (UK) and Fellow of St John’s College;

Silvia Evangelisti, Professor and Vice-President of the School of Letters and Fine Arts, University of Bologna;

Nicola Lucchi, Professor at Queens College – City University of New York, Education and Programs Manager at CIMA (Center for Italian Modern Art), New York;

Ara H. Merjian, Associate Professor of Italian and Art History at New York University (USA);

Marco Sammicheli, curator of the Design, Fashion and Crafts for the Triennale, as well as Director of the Museo del Design Italiano;

Jeffrey T. Schnapp, professor and faculty director of metaLAB(at)Harvard. Romance L&L / Comparative Literature / GSD Harvard University. Faculty co-director, Berkman Center for Internet & Society.


The international outlook of this unmistakably Italian institution rests upon the dynamic and contemporary approach to its mission, which underscores the relevance and currency of such an articulated cultural project.