come celebrate your birthday with us!

Fondazione Cirulli offers his young visitors the chance to discover the FUTURIST UNIVERSE with an extraordinary journey through colorful posters, photographs, drawings, fabrics, newspapers and reviews.


On your birthday the Foundation will liven up and be inspired by the magic world of words and images. During a short visit of the exhibition we will discover the creativity which drove the futurist artists to play with words, graphics and images and create unexpected combinations.


All hands on deck! With coloured papers and scissors, newspapers, glue and felt-tip pens we will create a futurist books together and discover how the letters of the alphabet can become sounds and unaxpected images and produce amazing stories.


Let’s discover the FUTURIST UNIVERSE!


From Monday to Saturday 4.30pm to 7pm


For children from 5 to 11 years old


Please contact us for more info at: / +39 051 6288300