Lo stile italiano

Arte e design

from 09/12/2011 to 02/01/2012

Grimaldi Forum
10 Avenue Princesse Grace
Principato di Monaco

The celebratory occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy gives us pleasure, through a careful selection of works from the estate of Massimo & Sonia Cirulli Archive, to observe and assess the complexity of artistic, creative and aesthetic of our recent history.

We have tried to identify a point of view, that would allow us to tell, as consistently as possible, the characteristics of the 'Italian style'. The chronology of the exhibition photographs the period in which the image is reinforced and Italian encoding, becoming synonymous with taste and elegance all over the world: from the conversion of agricultural society in the early twentieth century, through two world wars, until the sixties of the boom. In this period you define the characteristics of Made in Italy, renewed until the present day by artists and designers.

We have focused attention on the pictures, because these have determined the explosion of Italian style media through film, photography, advertising, visual arts and industrial design. The initial focus is mainly on the art of advertising, one of the most fascinating expressions of contemporary creativity but the 'art is the protagonist in all its forms and therefore also painting, sculpture, photography, furniture, and industrial products.

Then scroll through the images ranging from the 1933 Continuous Profile of the Poet Bertelli misunderstood Munari, brightly posters for the Perugina Seneca those for Campari Depero, Nizzoli and Munari, and then again the essential images, color-bright, made by companies like Rinascente, Pirelli, Lambretta, Guzzi, Olivetti, Rai, Barilla, Agip and many others, from the environment with the neon signs traced to the Triennale di Milano by Lucio Fontana in 1951 to the designs of soft lines for cars Cisitalia Pinin Farina, up to the architecture and unusual lighting projects and water games designed for the EUR, exhibited here for the first time, is a kaleidoscopic succession of visual impressions, memories, passions and styles. Hardly the visitor more distant from the themes of art, graphics and design may be indifferent and not notice the excellent quality of work that is not just relegated to the past to remember with affection, but that is still alive in our heritage industrial consolidation in the visual language of an entire nation.

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