Da Boccioni all’aeropittura

from 05/09/2009 to 08/12/2009

Fondazione Magnani Rocca
via Fondazione Magnani Rocca 1
Mamiano di Traversetolo PR

One hundred years after the publication of the famous Manifesto of Futurism (first published in Gazzetta dell’Emilia on February 5th, 1909 and then in Le Figaro on February 20th ) we assist - in Italy and abroad - to a rich flourishing of exhibitions to celebrate what is considered the most innovative movement among the last century artistic vanguards.
The exhibition is part of the celebrations for the Centennial of Futurism and gathers in more than a hundred artworks the last century best artists who mattered in Futurism.
The Massimo & Sonia Cirulli Archive exhibits a selection of paintings, sculptures, photocollages, books, decorative arts and posters giving its outstanding contribution to the show.

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