Manifesti italiani

Dall’Art Nouveau al Futurismo 1895 - 1940

from 13/03/1997 to 12/05/1997

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
via Nazionale 194
Roma RM

The exhibition offers a large and comprehensive overview of Italian posters in the very first years of its birth.
From Metlicovitz to Dudovich and Cappiello to Depero, Prampolini, Nizzoli and Diulgheroff, just to mention some of them, a society on the brink of the sparkling of Belle Epoque and the darkness od WW1 is indelibly set.

Catalogo con tavole a colori e testo inglese a fronte.
Contiene saggi di G. Mughini e M. Scudiero.
Pp. 144

Photo gallery