L’Officina del Volo

Futurismo, pubblicità e design 1908–1938

from 20/06/2009 to 18/10/2009

Civico Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Castello di Masnago
Via Cola di Rienzo 42
Varese VA

Posters, paintings, sculptures, photography and design: more than 150 artworks tries to investigate the fascinating theme of aviation. The artworks come from the Archive, museums and private collections and some of them are on show for the first time. The main issue is examined through the different media, starting from seventy amazing billboards by the most representative artists of the period like Mario Sironi, Plinio Codognato, Adolfo Wildt, Aldo Mazza, Umberto di Lazzaro, Alberto Mastroianni, Gino Boccasile, Tato, Cesare Gobbo, Luigi Martinati, Mario Borgoni, to mention a few.
The great production of posters of the period is associated to promotional events such those created to present the newborn civil airlines like Ala Littoriaand LATI(Italian Transcontinental Airlines) or introduce to the pilot CONCORSI to let young people get involved in; those who advertise.....Those to inform of international fairs. Least but not last the airplane is topic in many mostly cinematographic events of the period as, for example, in the movies:Luciano Serra pilota(1938)and “ La conquista dell’Aria”.
The Archive also presents masterpices of Ambrosi, Baldessarri Balla, Boccioni, Bruschetti, Bucci, Depero, Licini, Sepo and Sironi which emphasise the poetic and language of Aeropittura); about forty paintings chosen in the Futurist Movement area of which we celebrate the Centennial this year. There are also examples of paroles libres as in Munari’s , mix media on paper (1927. To enrich the path of a mostly Italian artistic vangard there is a nucleo of important aerosculptures by Mino Rosso And Thayaht, some smart examples of photography and exclusive pieces of design. Moreover, original letters and documents beloged to famous aviators like Italo Balbo and Gabriele D’Annunzio.

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