Uno stile per l’Italia moderna

from 01/02/2014 to 15/06/2014

Musei San Domenico

Forlì FC

The Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Archive participated to the exhibition Liberty, a style for modern Italy, at Forlì’s Musei Domenicani.
The exhibition offered a chance to retrace the seductive aesthetics of Liberty, an art movement known as Art Nouveau in France, Jugendstil in the German and mitteleuropean regions, and Modern Style in the Anglo-Saxon countries. br />
The exhibition, curated by Maria Flora Jubilees, Fernando Mazzocca and Alessandra Tiddia, illustrates Liberty through a series of masterpieces: paintings, sculptures, applied arts and graphics by the greatest artists of the Belle />
The Archive participated in this important exhibition with a selection of original posters, books, artist portfolios, and photographs of the main protagonists of this formidable artistic season.