Collezione Palma Bucarelli | Segnali

January 14, 2020

Collezione Palma Bucarelli | Segnali
curated by Marco Scotti

Who was Palma Bucarelli? Just a woman on the crest of Italian art history for decades? The person behind the launch of great artists in our country? She was so much more: a true Italian monument woman,who incredibly rescued scores of artworks by hiding them from the Nazis.

 Starting from the story of this beautiful, cultivated, elegant woman and from her words, on the occasion of ART CITY WHITE NIGHT 2020, on January 25 and 26, Fondazione Cirulli is staging a show on Palma Bucarelli and her relationship with the artists she met, loved, and hated; with the protagonists of culture and cinema, with the years of the Dolce Vita, with Picasso and Warhol. She will talk and the others will talk, from Italy to America and back. A patchwork of words at near-futurist speed. The opening will take place at Fondazione Cirulli, on Saturday, January 25, at 9.15 pm.

Starring Matteo Belli, with performances by Raffaella Silva, Dj set (vinyl, of course) by DeFe - Atlantico Sound System – that will take us on a ride across the landmark music of the time. Curated by Andrea Maioli.

Both the exhibition-event and the performance will take place in the building behind Fondazione Cirulli, ex Simongavina factory, entrance from Via Emilia, 275. The space is not heated—to keep you warm, besides the artists, a glass of wine offered by Tenuta Bonzara.

Free admission subject to availability. Reservation required:

Saturday, January 25 | 9.15 - 11.00 pm opening and performance | free entrance
Fondazione Massimo e Sonia Cirulli factory (side entrance)
Sunday, January 26 | 11.00 am - 7.00 pm
Collezione Palma Bucarelli | Segnali + L'archivio animato. Lavori in corso | entrante with ticket
Fondazione Massimo e Sonia Cirulli (main entrance)

During the ART CITY weekend, it is possible to visit the exhibition "L'archivio animato. Lavori in corso".

Special entrance for ART CITY weekend :
Arte Fiera Vip Cards: free entrance
Arte Fiera tickets: reduced € 8,00
full prize: € 10,00
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